Cic and its members

Good fortune is not accidental. It must be nurtured and cultivated. Our intentions determine our actions. We are a cooperative and have always believed in the value of people. That’s why we are united in our mission.



It always starts with something simple, like connecting the dots.

It may have seemed bold at the time, but for those used to looking ahead, it turned out to be one of the best decisions ever made.

Back in 1993, the year of the arrival of the Internet and globalisation, but also of Nelson Mandela receiving the Nobel Peace Prize
Change was in the air and even the handful of us curious people stumbled upon what was to become an invaluable experience. Companies united by the same aspirations, one above all, that of building a business.

Major goals and dedicated resources to create a strong brand identity. Attention to work and expertise to ensure long-term product quality.


We believe that food is now the business itself. That it is inconceivable to accept a viable food solution that disregards the combination of great taste and food safety.

After a journey of over 30 years, we believe that the way we choose food can truly change the world.
And that when an idea is rooted in a mission, and people connect to it, then every menu and every business can aspire to new heights.

Today the few have become many

and the dots have become a pattern

Looking back, we’re amazed at how far we have come. Yet, we still feel like travelling and discovering.

And doing it together.